Season’s greetings and a green start to 2024!

Season’s greetings and a green start to 2024!

The holiday season is upon us!

A joyful season with friends and family, wonderful food, and celebrations are on the way and we are all looking forward to well-deserved rest and good times. It is also a season when we tend to cook more than we can eat, buy more than we need, and then end up throwing it away.

The New York Times published an interesting article on having a less wasteful holiday season,, rightly emphasizing that being thoughtful is the first step. Below are a few tips for a more sustainable holiday season.

  1. Think outside the box when planning presents: Avoid simply buying someone a gift for the sake of giving – you can give in other ways! Give away an old one that you do not need, or even buy locally or second-hand. Vintage is popular, and you can encourage others to generate less waste. Get creative with packaging. Gift a plant or an experience instead of material items.
  2. Mindful menu: Add plant-based dishes to your holiday feast alongside the traditional ones. Many plant-based holiday recipes are easy to find and simple to make. Be realistic about how much people will eat to avoid food waste.
  3. Support your local economy and buy seasonal and local ingredients for meals and presents.
  4. Post-Holidays is the perfect time to reduce-reuse-recycle and to inspire others to do the same!

We wish you a new year of laughter, love, and a greener planet!


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