Programme component 2 (PC 2): Supporting the transition of coal regions in BiH

Supporting the transition of coal regions in BiH aims to support the local bottom-up approach for creating Transition plans and implementing comprehensive transition policies in local self-government units in coal regions in BiH, including just transition, decarbonization and circular economy.

Programme component 2 (PC 2): Supporting the transition of coal regions in BiH
Photo by Jasmin Agovic

The overarching goal of this component is to support BiH and their just transition to a decarbonised, low greenhouse gas emissions, low air pollution and environmentally sustainable future that is coherent with other development priorities. This Programme Component will support BiH stakeholders in identifying and implementing pathways that limit emissions through decarbonisation and other strategies, by filling key knowledge gaps, enhancing capacities to develop quantitative analyses, and engaging with policy and decision making. This effort is designed to lead to the uptake of new technologies, behaviours, management approaches, and planning systems, as well as to the design and implementation of ambitious, yet feasible, policies, actions, and measures at different jurisdiction levels.

The programme is focusing on Breza, Banovici, Zivinice and Ugljevik regions in BiH as pilot areas. In the future, this will hopefully be an inspiration and experience to learn from for the other coal regions in BiH.

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