Join us in shaping the future: sustainable transition workshops for Vision 2050 in four communities

Join us in shaping the future: sustainable transition workshops for Vision 2050 in four communities Photo: SanyaSM/Getty Images

The visioning workshops aim to gather representatives from various stakeholder groups within the four coal-rich local self-government units (LSGUs) to create a shared vision for achieving sustainable transition to climate neutrality by 2050.

The BiH SuTra programme focuses on the communities of Banovići, Breza, Ugljevik, and Živinice.

This exercise is one part of the visionary activities that are based on the principles of participation, inclusiveness, transparency and local ownership. It is important to note that each phase of the visioning process will be made publicly accessible on the LSGUs’ websites and other communication channels. This approach involves engaging the public in discussions and gathering input and feedback at every stage, leading to the final vision, which is intended to be adopted by the municipal or city council. The primary objective is for this vision to be a shared endeavour and the collective ownership of the local community and all its residents.

These workshops are open to everyone, including the broader public, local government officials, educational institutions and businesses.

The workshops will be interactive, fostering the development of innovative ideas and locally owned ideas and solutions for a climate-neutral future by 2050 for each LSGUs. The discussions are seeking an answer to the question of where we want to be and how we want to live in the future.


LSGU Date Location Time  More info
Breza 11.10.2023 Društveni centar   11-15
Ugljevik 12.10.2023 Hotel Atlas
Trg đenerala Draže Mihailovića 11, Ugljevik 76330
Živinice  17.10.2023 Bosanski kulturni centar - Plava sala
Alije Izetbegovića 42, Živinice 75270
Banovići 01.11.2023

Bosanski kulturni centar, Alije
izetbegovića 71, Banovići 


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